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Brand New Solutions with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Customer are boring with one direction only website, which is can read only but can’t interact with your business and products .
You may wasted your marketing and advertisement effort when can’t get sales and order in.


One Solution Do All Jobs

One Solution Replaced 6 Major Needs for Your BusinessOne Solution Replaced 6 Major Needs for Your Business


A charming website is a basic and a must to let your customer find you, get know your business, products and services easily, but they are always expecting more.

Online Store

A powerful full features online store to allow your customer shopping in great experience and making order immediate 24 hours x 7 days with your great offer deals.

B2B Distribution Business

You’re distributor and recruiting reseller? Now your partner apply to join you and order from your webstore with multi level price tier as your wish in much more easy way.

Point of Sale

Having retail store? Our solution can handle your walk in customer very well. More than that, you can having POS function withour POS setup, hardware even power outlet but just a mobile phone or tablet.


Managing inventory could be your pain specially when your business is good, a good managed inventory will always monitor itself and remind you when your product is low and notify your customer when you get goods replenished.

CRM Customer Management

Managing customer membership by terms and renewal service. Offering customer loyalty reward when spending and referral reward when customer bring a new friends to both of them.

Stories Behind

Why Your Competitors Can Always Sell at Lower Price?

We believe a good solution will help you to transform your order processing to highly automated and keep you low involvement as it can. Now you can work more with less man power and even faster and efficient. Your product price can go more competitive when your man-power cost is low and less wastage.


Convert your visitor to customer to loyal customer. From view product, buy, pay until ship order processing, all automated now.


An Efficient e-commerce solutions will help you to handle from 1 to >10,000 customer or order at the same time with same minimum man-power involve.


You can apply almost any kind of promotion or discount by your great creativity and business experience to make a WOW to your customer.


Your Product, Pricing, Promotion, Inventory, Customer, Order, Shipping, B-to-B partner and many more is well organiced now.

A Few Things We’re Great at

Do You Need to Work Like a Expert?
No you don’t, All you need is focus on your business and we will help from infrastructure setup, your business study, web design, coding development and training. We handover you a ready to go charm webstore like a money generator! A user friendly solutions is what you’re looking for to make your life easy and your customer happy!


Every each business model is unique, our professional team will working on your business model, transform it to best practice way and customized to enable your business ready for all new online business territory.


Our designer and development team will make you most presentable look and feel to gain your customer confidence and great features to enable your customer shopping experience to next level.


Training will be provide to allow your team to manage incoming order, product, inventory, stragegies promotion campaign, shipping, customer support and real-time business intelligent statistic report.


We provide the fast and reliable hosting and domain infrastructure to ensure your online business is accessible from anyplace in the world and availability 7 days 24 hours without interruption.

Client Testimonials

Gatita Yan


我本身用了 EZ e-Commerce 已经差不多一年了,当然我的网站也是他们帮我创立的。当然这段时间也会遇上一些麻烦,自己解决不了的,就找 EZ e-Commerce 的工作人员 ,说真的,我从来都没有遇过那么有责任感的负责人;从头 follow up 到尾,甚至到任何阶段都会报告一声,而且解决能力超快的,他们的服务真的让我很安心,真心推荐!!!



We’re Ready for Your Business

Different business and industries having different requirement, and we get you.

Grocery or Retail Shop

• Point-of-Sale
• Inventory Management
• Multi-Level Price Structure

Pharmacy or Healthcare

• CRM Customer Management
• Birthday and Referral Reward
• Customer and Purchased Histories

GYM House or Hair Salon

• Membership Management
• Schedule Appointment Booking
• Expert’s available Slot Control

Car Detailing or Work Shop

• Appointment Booking
• Bundle Package Promotion
• Crossover with other e-Comm Business

Cafe, Bakery or Restaurant

• Digital Menu
• Table Reservation
• Drive Through, Dine-In or Delivery

Fashion or Beauty

• Appointment Booking
• Product Customization
• Unlimited CMS Pages

Computer or Technology

• Product Specification Comparison
• Product Enquiry Submission
• Private Order Portal

Florists or Gift Shop

• Auto Birthday Reward
• Limited Time Offer
• Gift Packaging Option Enable

Frozen or SeaFood

• B2B and B2C Distribution
• Bundle Promotion
• Auto Product QR Code Generator

AirBnB or Rental Services

• House, Room or Car Rental
• Rent per hour / day
• Properties Features

Software, E-Book, Digital Contains Seller

• Software Digital Copy Product
• Purchased Download Control
• Customer File Upload Management

Any Business

• Business Study Transformation
• Professional e-Commerce Consultancy
• Ready Accounting Software Integration

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